Having time
is priceless
kids-family We are available 24 hours a day,
365 days a year
Anything you need
wherever you are.
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We offer a highly specialised personal assistance service and, each day, all tasks are now possible – even those that seemed unreachable or that were neglected due to lack of availability. 

  • Service is transferable to one family member (adult or child up to 16 years old);
  • National and international scope;
  • Dedicated client manager during working hours;
  • Suggesting service;
  • Call centre access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year;
  • Courier service 24 hours a day, in Greater Lisbon and Greater Porto áreas (price upon request);
  • Adapted to the specific needs of each client. Please contact us for a quotation
  • Adapted to the specific needs of each company. Please contact us for a quotation
More than decade in luxury concierge services
A unique partner whose services are fully focused on optimising the time management of its Clients.
Your needs, our goal.
All tasks are possible, even those that seemed unreachable.
Access to the absolute best the world has to offer.
We offer a highly specialised personal assistance service, nothing is impossible.
Our global network of personal lifestyle managers is on-hand 24 hours a day to cater to each members’ request – connecting you to everything that matters to you the most.

A unique partner

Your needs, our needs.
From day-to-day assistance to elaborate requests, we are here for you.
We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, making sure that Clients do not have to waste time with issues we can handle: organising an event, planning and booking a trip, moving to a new home or abroad, buying tickets that are hard to get or even solving imminently difficult situations – babysitting services at the last minute, booking a table at a restaurant or sending a doctor to your home.
A team of experts
We offer a highly specialised personal assistance service.
Our team is focused on improving the life quality of its Clients and on overcoming expectations thanks to innovative solutions, guaranteeing that time can be managed… without wasting your time.
Experienced & Efficient
With over a decade of experience, flawlessly and efficiently serving clients at all moments
THE TIME, has been created with the goal of transforming every minute in useful time, so that each client may fully enjoy the time they have for themselves without any concerns.


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